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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 231

Most of the brown scars have not pretty much vanished. Once or two very faint ones left. Quite a few little craters but can't really see them on the face. One larger crater on cheek but thats ok, got used to it now. Have stopped applying the Mederma and Bio-Oil everyday. Just put them on now and then. Few brown scars on body particularly around the waist, they will remain.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 123

The scars are slowly fading, some have disappeared. One or two actually look permanent. Most of my scars that remained were on my face. The ones on my body have pretty much gone. I have one or two craters on my face, the scar colouring has gone from them, guess they are permanent too. Still keeping to my regime of Mederma cream during the day and BioOil before bed (Please seek your own medical advice). Most people I bump into these days say I look a lot better than I did earlier this year so thats good.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 88

I think the chickenpox scars are fading, but since I look in the mirror everyday its up to other people to tell me that they are. Someone also recommended a Dermalogica product for the scars, so I may try that (as always please seek your own professional/medical advice) once my Mederma runs out.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 80

Been 80 days since I first started to come down with chicken pox. The scars that were left on my face have faded somewhat. They are now a pale brown, so I still look like I have acne. My daily routine has been to apply Bio Oil (or tissue oil as some people call it) before bed, and then in the morning apply Mederma (as always please seek your own medical advice). I am hoping that by the end of the year the scars will be gone. I have a number of craters left on my face and will deal with those once the scaring has gone.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 22

Well, over the course of the last few weeks since I last posted all the scabs on my body have fallen off. No marks left from the ones from the body just faint pink ones for some spots. However, when the scabs fell of face, they were pink first now gone brown, so have all these brown blemishes over face. Dr says they should fade but will take a very long time! He said immediate solution could be laser treatment, but will wait and see. Shaved the beard off few days ago which is great but reveals more brown spots so growing stubble back. Been rubbing BioOil at night, and Dr suggested I use Mederma few times a day [Please seek your own medical advice]. One lymph node still a little swollen, Dr said it will probably stay like that but to keep an eye on it. Still had a few scabs on scalp, almost all gone.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 10

You may have noticed that I skipped a day. Well, there wasn't really anything new as such to report. So I will only being reporting back periodically now until I am fully well again.

Sleeping very well now. There are only a small number of spots left which are still yellow and need to scab over. They are not painful at all. Face is healing in that all the spots have scabbed over and am now waiting for them to fall off. Some of the ones in my beard have fallen of as I rub my hand through my beard (can't wait to shave it off). A scab on my cheek got soft while showering yesterday and as I was dabbing my self dry it came off. A smaller red scab is now forming there. Hope it doesn't scar.

The scalp is also full of scabs now and when I run my hands through my hair the odd one falls off. The face and scalp are still a little itchy but I am not scratching them with my nails or digging at them. Sometimes I gently touch an itchy one with pad of my finger to relieve the itch.

Cough has pretty much gone as well, since yesterday actually.

All in all on the mend, but I will only consider myself healed once I look like normal again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 8

A good night sleep, took no pain killers before bed. Felt pretty good most of day. A slight cough. Scalp and face mildly itchy but largely scabbing over now. Few yellow liquid filled boils on body, they were the late comers. Still spending time in bed relaxing. Had a shower, washed hair with baby shampoo, but body with water. After shower filled sink with warm water, and add Olay mild face wash and dabbed face lightly using a flannel. Felt great after.

Lots people giving advice not to pick or scratch the scabs or they will scar. Whenever I get a itch that's unbearable i gently touch the spot and itch usually goes away.